Dec 29, 2012


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FR-pod087 - LOSO - TECHNO - -
Simone Bortolato (born in 1988) aka LOSO is an Italian Techno Producer. From a young age, he shows passion for heavy sounds. At 12, influenced by his older sister, he starts listening to hardcore from Rotterdam. Going clubbing, his passion grows stronger up until the age of 17, when he buys his first CDJ and starts creating powerful sets for friends and becoming known on SoundCloud. In 2011, the will for change takes him to enrol at the SAE Institute. In only 6 months, he releases for the following labels: Fixate Records, Dark & Sonorous Recordings, Black Reel Records, Shout Records, Bass Assault Records, Tekx Records, Misdeed Records, Backroom Muzik, Aztech Music, K:Lender Limited , Freitag Limited and more... Features with DJ set also on FNOOB TECHNO RADIO & TECHNO HQ He has also a monthly techno show on TechnoHQ Radio: LOSO RawTechno show! Now the desire to grow and a passion for techno music, led him to create his own label: RAWHARD AUDIO Records. Stay tuned for more info & TECHNO!
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1. Sutter Cane - Genesis (Original Mix) ANALOGEFFEKT RECORDS
2. Frank Sonic & Mike Maass - Illusions (Deh-Noizer Railway Remix) BROOD AUDIO
3. Andre Walter & Stigmata - Latah (Original Mix) NACHTSTROM SCHALLPLATTEN
4. Tosi - Four Wheel Drive (Michael Schwarz Remix) FREITAG LIMITED
5. Torsten Kanzler - Rock Und Roll (Sutter Cane Remix) TK RECORDS
6. Israel Toledo - Behind The Wall (Original Mix) FREITAG LIMITED
7. Alex Bau - Darkhearts (Ralph Mirto Remix) DRIVING FORCES RECORDINGS
8. Philipp Centro - Mad (Lukas Freudenberger Remix) NAUGHTY PILLS RECORDS
9. Niereich - Gossip (Ronald Van Norden Remix) FREITAG LIMITED
10. Octave - Cracked (Deh-Noizer Remix) RELOADING RECORDS
11. Manuel Pisu - The Game (Michael Schwarz Remix) BASS ASSAULT RECORDS
12. Deh-Noizer - Vulcano (Original Mix) HYBRID CONFUSION
13. Logotech - Prismic (Original Mix) THE ZONE RECORDS
14. MicRoCheep & Mollo - Paranoid Confusion (Original Mix) EKLERO RECORDS



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